At Network Moving and Storage we are committed to maintaining a positive presence in the community. In these hard economic times it is both harder to provide this kind of assistance and yet more necessary. We therefore have an eligibility criteria for the provision of these services. Please contact our office for an application.

Assistance for the elderly and people with disabilities.

We all know it's cheaper to pack your own cartons when you move. Unfortunately some people are unable to pack their own cartons. Often these people are also the lowest income earners in our community. That's why Network Moving & Storage will offer our packing service at a subsidised rate for people who are aged or suffer from a disability and who have made a booking to move with Network Moving and Storage. We also reserve any second hand carton stock for this service. So if available we will provide these second hand cartons free of charge. To be eligible for this service you must provide proof that you are on an aged or disability pension.

International Shipping for NGO's

Over the years Network Moving & Storage and Ocean Sky International (the company's international logistics arm) have subsidised many shipments of aid and equipment around the world. If your organisation is sending something overseas for charitable purposes feel free to contact us and we will help you all we can.