Moving to Storage

Network Moving & Storage is proud to offer modern and secure storage facilities providing peace of mind when you need to leave your goods in storage. Your household goods are held in secure storage modules that protect your goods from extremes of temperature, dust and vermin.

The advantages of our storage module system:

  • Generous Size - each storage module has a generous 8.00 cubic meter load capacity. Depending on the size of your furniture the modules will store approximately 4 to 8m3 in each. As a guide, 4 of our storage modules will usually be sufficient space to hold the contents of an average 3 bedroom home. If you are unsure how many modules you may need, you can use our quick calculator as a guide.
  • Complete Portability - we transport our portable modules to your home in our specially equipped vehicles
  • One Time Handling - your household goods are loaded directly into the required number of storage modules at your residence, this eliminates the need to "double" handle your goods on their arrival at our storage facility
  • Convenient Warehousing - full modules are simply removed from our vehicle and warehoused within our secured storage facility by specially equipped forklifts.
  • Reduced Risk - the risk of damage to your household good is greatly reduced as our module system allows for loading and unloading only at your residence and not at our facility
  • No Minimum Period - you can store for a few days or for a number of years
  • Reasonably Priced Our storage modules are currently priced at only $25 per week, per module (inc GST).

Unlike self-storage type providers, our storage services are provided within our secured Customs & AQIS facility therefore with such high security our storage services will suit those who are looking for short or long term storage where access is not required, ie, moving overseas, building a house, in between homes.

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