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Transit Insurance

We take all care to ensure your goods are transported safely. However the fact that there is such a thing as transit insurance indicates that there is an inherent risk in transporting goods. The sale of insurance is regulated under the "Financial Services Reform Act" and Network Moving & Storage is licensed to advise on and sell insurance under this act. We sell and recommend transit insurance, please read the following information and contact our office for a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

The truth about the moving "guarantee".

Don't be fooled by "moving guarantees" that are designed to limit the liability of the mover. Many movers offer them now and will specify that "conditions apply". Conditions apply to all policies, but on closer inspection you will see that the conditions make every attempt to limit the mover's legal liability under the Trade Practices Act.

What about the removalists own insurance?

Many movers offer "free insurance" by relying on their own insurance policy for any claims. The difficulty here is that these policies are designed to protect the removalist in the event of them being liable. If there is a claim there is in fact no insurance on the specific items and a great deal of to-ing an fro-ing with the mover can result, with no real satisfaction. In fact in the event of a collision with a significant loss, there would need to be an investigation to determine liability. The claimant would need to make a claim against the mover (possibly with the help of a lawyer), these claims would then have to be processed by several parties before a resolution was reached. If you had transit insurance in the same instance, whether the mover was liable or not, your insurer would pay you first and then claim against the liable party for compensation.

A transit insurance policy

With a Network Moving & Storage insurance policy you will receive a policy in your own name from the underwriter. In the event of a claim you will deal directly with the insurance company. Under disclosure legislation what is covered under the insurance policy has to be spelled out to you in clear language. In the Product Disclosure Statement, you are given clear information about how to make a claim. Don't risk your possessions in a myriad of legal and liability jargon, ask us for a PDS today.